About Me

Welcome to Spark It! My Way. This is my personal blog written for the sole reason to jot down whatever on my mind and things I’ve been through. Sort of an autobiography. It crystallizes my thoughts, allowing some time to reflect back on the stuff I did. Want to see the world from my own eyes? Hop in and follow my blog! I am sure there are one or two things you can learn from my posts. Or do you want to strike a conversation with me? Pick a topic I have written here 🙂

Questions you might have for me…

Q: Why do you name it Spark It! My Way?

I have always been intrigued by how electricity works. I learned electricity and had a practical lab on circuits in high school. I was electrified, in more than one way, by the vast capability of electricity. I also found out that my hometown is suffering from routine blackouts. I particularly hated it when they shut the grid off while I was playing PS2.

SPARK! There goes a fuse in my head, signalling the inception of an idea in my head. I decided to become an Electrical Engineer who can lay down circuits that connect problems with solutions. The phrase My Way serves as a reminder to always be proud of who I am and continuously carve my own path in life.

Q: What are your interests or hobbies?

Read. I have so many books, I tell you. I read Non-Fiction and Fiction. Currently I am reading Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis.

Sing. I am a chorister in Magnificat, Indonesian congregation choir at Bukit Batok Presbyterian Church.

Learn. I love to learn stuff. I am a chronic student of many subjects. I am actively learning German in Duolingo to prepare for grad study in Germany.

Q: How can I contact you?

You can reach me on Facebook or email me at arga.saragih@gmail.com. Please be mindful on sharing my email address.

Q: What is your ambition in life?

I could interpret this question in many ways. If you are asking about how my ideal life is in the future, I will describe it this way:

a peaceful city in the country-side

in a house where you can feel the breeze at night

drinking a cup of tea prepared by my lovely wife

after returning from the company I created more than 5 years ago

This was written during a talk about planning your life in NTU long time ago.


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