1st Book Review!

My first book review in my blog. The book is “Successful Job Application in a Week”.

Successful Job Application cover

My first book review is here! In this post I will write down my impressions and experience in reading books. Initially, I wanted to lump three book reviews in this post but to make the reviews easier to search by post categories and to avoid lengthy post, I will write the other two on different posts. The books are:

  • Successful Job Applications in a Week
  • The Heartbreak Messenger by Alexander Vance (not yet written)
  • Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis (not yet written

Of course, if you befriend me in Goodreads, you can read my reviews there but it won’t include my personal experience you find here. So here they are…

Successful Job Applications in a Week

Author(s): Patricia Scudamore & Hilton Catt
Pages: 121
Bought on: 5 Aug 2016
Started on: 8 Aug 2016
Finished on: Sep 2016
Rating: 3.5 / 5.0
Pros: easy to read, quick to finish, provide practical examples
Cons: I wish some parts can be expanded..
Best for: fresh graduates, people with no job hunting experience

Brief review: Every beginner in job hunting should start their journey somewhere, and this book provides the rudimentary steps in applying for jobs. The book describes not only the good practical stuff to do in job hunting, but also the behaviors or mindsets of the parties involved i.e. interviewers, HR managers, and you the applicants. Good read!

Personal experience: I only bought this book because I went to a book warehouse sale sometime ago. It was suggested by a friend. I decided to buy it as it was only a little under $5 and I thought an extra info on job hunting wouldn’t hurt. Actually, on the same day, I bought What Color is Your Parachute 2016 which is a recommendation from my choir conductor. I guess if you want a thorough explanation of the art of job hunting, you should buy WCiYP instead of this.
Another thing you notice is that I didn’t finish the book in 1 week like the title suggests. Reason is I often switch to other books if I find the current book not appealing enough or I easily get tired of reading it. Not that I mean this is a boring book, but job hunting itself is a boring thing for me. I mainly read this book whenever I feel like finding jobs. That explains why it took me a month to finish this.

In a nutshell: Buy this if you need a cheap & easy guide for your first job hunt.

Author: Arga Roh Sahrijal Saragih

I love to learn. I love to code. I love to read. Gonna be a professional Software Engineer. Happy to sing and to write. Enjoy a good company. Prefer tea. Manage an online library at https://instagram.com/ruangbaca__

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