WordCampSG 2016

WordCampSG is a great way to get some exposure and extend your network in the Wordpress community. Here’s my impression on my very first WordCamp


I could make a safe bet that there seemed to be more people than usual in Microsoft Singapore office on 6th Sept (dang, I postponed writing this for too long). Obviously because there were more than 200 people in the auditorium. I was there too, volunteering and ushering the crowd so they can make their way to the next talk on time. I have been to musical theater, orchestra, concert, but this would be my very first attending a conference and, boy, it got me excited to be a volunteer who practically can roam wherever I want.

As an intermittent blogger, I am still not at all familiar with WordPress features like plugins, custom posts, and hooks, the feature that provides WordPress its flexibility to ‘hook’ to micro services such as Google Analytics, Amazon AWS, and whatnot. I listened to talks mainly from the User & Education Track and only a couple in Business & Developer Track so many of the talks are about people from various background, most of them bloggers who uses whatever plugins or hacks to tweak WP.

OK, enough intro, besides, info on the whole event can be found here. Sometime in the near future, the talk recording will be released to public (because WP community is very generous) at which I will link them to the ones here. And yes, it was already up like 2 weeks ago. I know.. I am a slacking blogger. Umm.. I don’t remember each presentation and you can watch it on your own, so I just highlight what impressions I had during their talk

User & Education Track

Powering your Content Site: Why WordPress? – Alvin Lim

This guy writes post on popular stuff, you know, the latest happening. I am still not sure whether my blog would follow his in terms of content, but he gave his ideas on managing & funding his website.

Using blogs in classrooms: an NTU case study – Felipe Garcia, Joan Wee

Relied on a plugin called Formidable Form to create an interactive learning experience. They ask students to write answers in the forms, which later on can be viewed and evaluated by their peers. This is new for me. Though in the Q&A, some suggested alternatives like LearnDash and Moodle. Not yet tried them, but this is a cool idea. I just found out that there are already many courses in NTU implementing blog to their curriculum, listed in this blogs@ntu directory.

Optimizing the website with Google Tag Manager – Tony Bui

He is the most helpful speaker. He put a link to his slides and his content is quite interesting too. He uses Tags to detect user’s behavior, and manage them in Google Tag Manager.

Open Source Studio: Learning and Content Management For Online Education In The Arts – Vishaka Mantri

Another brilliant use of WordPress. Notice the speaker graduated from NTU at the same time as I did. I find this digital studio thing really opens up a whole set of possibilities for artists. And NTU ADM students are now using WP too to showcase their portfolio. Here’s one.

The Jugaad Way: WordPress Code for Non-Developers – Mahangu Weerasinghe

The most enlightening talk. For some people, looking at codes may be daunting, but a little experimentation with it and referring to the WP doc you can do things. He pointed out the importance of hooks. Do check his own blog.

How Being an Educator Has Changed the Way I Blog About Beauty – Roxxane Chia

This talk gave tips on creating engaging content and scheduling your blog posts. The author, being a teacher, also presented how her blog is seen by her students and the need to educate people through her blog posts.

How to DIY basic digital marketing on WordPress – Nicole Tan

She gave a brief info on marketing plan of your blog, what’s your audience, etc. Also suggested a few plugins for managing your blog. Give some tips on how you get your blog those hype.

Business & Developer Track

Offloading services from WordPress to outer services, such as Google and AWS – Shinichi Nishikawa

He has been in the WordPress community for some time. This was the first time I heard of micro-services, and he suggested on leveraging these services outside WP to do the tasks that are not fit for WP when it gets to bigger scale. He suggested a number of plugins to do this: ElasticPress, Elasticommerce Search, etc.

Amazon Alexa + WP REST API = GUI-Less WordPress Application – Okamoto Hidetaka

I don’t know much about this talk (and I haven’t blocked a time to watch it). I watched only 5-10 minutes before he ended his presentation. His idea is integrating digital assistant like Alexa in WP to build a GUI-less WP application.

Link to the rest


Lumia boxes being used as containers for room cleaning tools
The Juggad way of the cleaners in Microsoft
Microsoft products here and there


Now you know how I look when I feel these…
Oops. Sorry for the mess.
Played FIFA’16 with one attendee.
Quite a scenery from here
  • There was this woman who has a tatoo at the base of her neck that says:


    such eccentricity and I wonder where the </body> tatoo is. XD and of course, I didn’t dare to take a pic of it.


Author: Arga Roh Sahrijal Saragih

I love to learn. I love to code. I love to read. Gonna be a professional Software Engineer. Happy to sing and to write. Enjoy a good company. Prefer tea. Manage an online library at https://instagram.com/ruangbaca__

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