Solace in practice

I was exhausted after the dance practice I had a few hours ago. And I am pretty sure, it will be even more tiring in the future. Nevertheless, I am really glad to see how things work out till today. Take my dance practice as example, I was told that I made a lot of improvement since the last practice which was in December. I am grateful for my patient and cheerful choreographer, Karina, as she puts high expectation on me and feels satisfied with my progress. Thank you, Karina! I won’t let you down!

Later on, I had this small chat with one of the stage managers and a good friend of mine, Nathasya. What is the chat about? Nah, nothing of importance. But, I am amazed by how she thinks of my situation (?). She told me about another perspective to look at this ‘complicated’ situation. And it was a simpler yet nicer way to see how things are going now. 😀 I appreciate it very much, Nat!

Finally, before the dance practice ( oh, excuse me if I am not writing this systematically, it’s my blog after all ), there we were, at Nanyang Audi, practicing our acting skills. We had hard times figuring out the way a girl smiles. We even played a weird game ( i don’t know what it is called ) where everyone needs to flirt those sitting next to them so we can see different smiles. But, in the end, only one girl was asked to be flirted by the others ( can’t tell you the reason ). Still, we can’t found a way to produce that particular smile. 😛

Random1: So that means, in the last paragraph, you didn’t find solace in it, did you?
Me: Oh, I did. But it didn’t mean that I was happy because we didn’t manage to find the ‘smile’.
Random2: Then, what did comfort you at that moment?
Me: Her smile. Because, no matter how she smiles, her smiles will lighten up my day even when it is already dark outside at that moment. (LOL)

A cheerful heart is good medicine,
but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. ( Proverbs 17:22 )


Author: Arga Roh Sahrijal Saragih

I love to learn. I love to code. I love to read. Gonna be a professional Software Engineer. Happy to sing and to write. Enjoy a good company. Prefer tea. Manage an online library at

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